Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Wedges

Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Wedges

By: JT Dowd

Author: Gillian Barnes/Friday, September 8, 2017/Categories: Golf, Golf Academy

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The autumn is fast approaching, but there's no end in sight yet for the 2017 golf season. Even in September, it's never too late to start thinking about upgrading your clubs and finishing the last couple of months of the season strong. In this edition of Tips and Tricks from the Pros, JT Dowd explains how wedges are criminally underrated and how replacing them can really step up your game.

"Every spring, as the weather warms and the trees start to bud, golfers in New England dust off their clubs and head for the courses. Many have spent the winter drooling over a new driver, or pining after a special putter that they saw a tour pro using. However, those same golfers may not give a second thought to their wedge make up.

Many golfers have a pitching wedge that matches their irons, some might have a trusty sand wedge they’ve played for years, and a handful might even have a lob wedge they got at a charity scramble as a door prize a few years back. Those clubs may be rusted, dinged up and have the grip worn smooth, but golfers rely on them for some of the most demanding scoring shots they face…

A well-matched set of wedges is crucial to getting up and down, scoring from off the green and getting close from sand traps and adverse lies. Those clubs can give a player reliable distance gapping from a variety of yardages and allow them to shoot at flag sticks when they’re inside 100 yards, but many golfers couldn’t tell you the loft of their pitching wedge or any other wedge they might have in the bag. Most manufacturers utilize a 45 or 46 degree pitching wedge in iron sets, and many also offer a 50* gap wedge. A well-matched set would also have a sand wedge, (54*-56*) and potentially a lob wedge (58*-62*) depending on the golfer's preferences and the conditions they typically play in.

Seeing a golf professional or club fitter would be a great idea for any golfer who is curious about their wedges! They’re the clubs most often used to score and save shot around the green, and having the correct clubs can be a game changer. If you’re making an investment in your game this spring make sure you’re spending your money in the right place."

JT Dowd is an instructor at the Willow Golf Academy located at the Atkinson Resort and Country Club. To learn more golf tips, sign up for a golf lesson, or browse our other excellent instructors, visit our website.


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