Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Winter Warmups Round II

Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Winter Warmups Round II

Author: Gillian Barnes/Tuesday, February 6, 2018/Categories: Golf, Golf Academy

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Still feeling like your game is frozen? Matt Prior, Mike Labrie, and Brian Diamond have three more pro tips to help you warm up your game this winter. From a small indoor drill to a more comprehensive lesson-based approach, our goal is to have you playing at your best during all seasons!

Matt Prior

“When you are stuck in the house over the freezing cold months, try replacing the golf ball with coins/ball markers and practice your chipping. If you can consistently hit the smaller object the golf ball will eventually become a piece of cake! 

Added bonus - no broken TVs or vases!”

Mike Labrie

“Though the winter may seem like golf’s off-season in this part of the country, it is a great time to hone in and sharpen some of your weakest fundamentals and course management skills. 

One of the most common flaws I see in a lot of players is misunderstanding carry distance vs. total distance, especially with wedges and short irons. 

Next time you’re hitting balls at the WCGA, pick a very small 2-3 foot target in the snow at about 50 yards - and try to land 3 out of 5 balls within that target area. When that yardage begins to feel comfortable, pick a similar target at about 75 yards and do the same thing. Then 100 yards, increasing by 25 yard increments as great of a distance as you’d like. 

This will help you build your understanding of where your golf ball is landing, versus where it ends up around the golf course. Accuracy and distance control are critical in shooting lower scores when the ground thaws. Aim small, miss small.” 

Brian Diamond

“Whether you are World #1, Dustin Johnson or a golfer at any level of the game, the kinematic sequence is so important. We all strive to have an efficient golf swing; one that will generate the most speed through the body to the club head. The most efficient sequence is the "Kinematic Sequence."  

The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have a remarkably similar Kinematic Sequence of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their bodies. They begin by generating speed from their lower body and transferring that speed through their torso into their arms and then into the club.   

The key points to know are:

  • There is an identical sequence of speed or energy initiation followed by an identical sequence of energy transfer for all great ball strikers. The sequence of energy initiation is: lower body starts, torso moves next, arms go third and the club starts last. Then the lower body decelerates first, torso second, lead arm third and club shaft last. This is the downswing sequence.
  • Each segment of the body builds on the previous segment, increasing speed up the chain.
  • Each segment of the chain slows down as the next segment continues to accelerate.
  • Sequence is the key to repeatability and consistency.  Energy transfer or deceleration is the key to power.”


There you have it, whether you want to spend the day inside your house practicing your chipping or you’d rather start using our V1 software and heated range, we can help you play a stronger game of golf!

Call 603-362-8700 to book a lesson with our Willowcreek Golf Academy professionals or consider a golf clinic or camp – a full listing of which are located here.


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