Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Winter Warmups

Tips and Tricks from the Pros: Winter Warmups

Author: Gillian Barnes/Friday, January 26, 2018/Categories: Golf, Golf Academy

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At first brush, winter can seem like the end of the world for golfers (at least ones that are New Englanders!) The snow comes down and covers the fairways, the cool air leaves frost on the greens, and the pins are pulled from the ground for the season.

However, there are many ways to stay loose during the winter season. Read on so that when the first day of spring arrives and you get that call that the course has reopened, you’ll be ready. Here are three tips and tricks that you can use to stay loose this winter from our Willowcreek Academy golf professionals.

Nick Antonelli

“For those of you that haven’t touched the clubs in a couple months, here is a good warm up plan for your first few practices of 2018.

Session 1: Review fundamentals - grip, alignment, ball position and posture. Stay with your wedges and short irons and perhaps partial shots. Go over to the artificial green and hole 10 3-footers in a row before you pack up.

Session 2 and 3: If your body feels good after some shorter shots, make some swings with the longer clubs. 75% of your bucket should be hit 7 iron and wedges with the remaining 25% split up between long irons, hybrids and woods.”

JT Dowd

“A good idea for winter practice is to focus on contact and shot shape. A lot of players get distracted by distance while on the driving range, and during the colder months golf balls act differently. Range balls in particular don't go as far as they do when we have temps in the 70's and 80's.

Trying to smash range balls as far as possible can have a negative impact on the swing and can ingrain bad habits. By focusing on contact, balance and consistency players can get much more out of their winter range sessions and hit the ground running in the spring, or when they get to a warmer climate for their winter trips.”

Tom Smith

“I recommend palm up and palm down airplanes. Simply spread your arms as wide as you can starting with your palms facing down, take your golf posture and mimic your golf swing back and forth while keeping your arms wide like wings of an airplane. Do about 10-20 reps, nice and smooth and repeat with palms up for 10-20 reps.”


As our Director of Golf, Peter Doherty says, tips are great, but lessons are better. Why? Reading a golf magazine tip means your reading a tip that’s generalized, you don’t know if that particular tip will be specific for you. Everyone’s body is different and that’s why it’s better to have golf professionals work with you on an individual basis to get the most out of your game. You can learn more about our instructors and view rates here.


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