Comedy Night at Atkinson Resort & Country Club

Comedy Night at Atkinson Resort & Country Club

Author: Gillian Barnes/Monday, January 22, 2018/Categories: Functions

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Atkinson Resort & Country Club recently hosted a sold-out Comedy Show in our Legacy Ballroom. The event was put together by our long-term Hospitality Sales Manager, Carolyn Heffron and could be described as nothing short of a smash hit. The comedians included veterans like Rob Steen, Paul Nardizzi, and Mark Scalia, but also featured the surprise addition of newcomer, Drew Dunn.

Each performer brought a different flavor to the comedic buffet (which included an actual buffet as well!) Rob Steen joked about kids and made a particularly hilarious comment about how he wanted them, but they just wouldn’t get in his car. However, in our opinion, his vocal inflections and facial expressions really sold his stories to the audience.

Paul Nardizzi came on second and talked about vehicle capacity when you have a lot of children. He recommended two muscle cars to hold a larger family, but said he ended up with a minivan all the same. Many of the audience members laughed along and nodding with understanding.

Then came our newcomer, Drew Dunn who started his set with the accent of a broadcast sports personality. It was clear that the audience thought that this affect he was putting on might actually be his voice, but he smoothly parlayed that opening into how real-life situations can be enhanced with dramatic reading. Dunn also covered the Millennial angle and had the audience in the palm of his hand.

And finally, Mark Scalia took the stage. Scalia was the headliner for the evening and it was clear why. He started slow, establishing a relationship with the people around him. He covered a variety of accents in America, touched lightly on politics and ended with a hilarious act to the tune of Ginuwine’s “My Pony” that featured pantomimed household chores instead of typical sexy dance moves.

All in all, we think this evening was incredible and hope to have many more like it. Would you like to hear more about our upcoming events? Click here.


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