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How To Play Hole 1
A starting hole that is more challenging than it looks. The proper play off the tee leaves you with a scoring club into this short par 4.
How To Play Hole 2
Off the tee, a drive down the left center of the fairway will allow a better angle into the green if you decide to go for it in two. Straight down the middle for a three shot player. Beware of the hazard that crosses the fairway 150 yards out from the green, you may have to lay up on your second shot.
How To Play Hole 3
Make sure you take plenty of club on this pretty par three, there is more green than you can see. The white birch trees behind the center of the green are a good target.
How To Play Hole 4
If you can, favor the left side of the fairway off your tee shot. This will allow for the best angle to approach the green. The green is very deep-pay close attention to the pin position.
How To Play Hole 5
There is hazard that runs up the left side of this hole, so the proper tee ball will favor the right side. There is a small stream that crosses near the green as well which you may need to factor in to your approach shot.
How To Play Hole 6
#6 is most players best chance at making a birdie. There are fairway traps on the left and right to consider when playing your tee ball. The long hitter will look to favor the left center of the fairway to have the best angle to the green. The shorter player will want to lay up just shy of the fairway bunker at 100 yards.
How To Play Hole 7
One of the more difficult holes on the golf course, #7 should be approached with some caution. If you don't hit a ball far enough to carry the hazard (distance marked on each tee box) lay up and go for it on your second shot. A bogey here is not a bad score. When hitting into the green, look for the single birch tree in the background. This indicates the center of the green.
How To Play Hole 8
The second of two beautiful (and challenging front 9) par-three's, you can see exactly what you are in for. Play for the front portion of the two tiered green regardless of pin placement and you will make more pars.
How To Play Hole 9
The front 9 wraps up with another challenging drive. Watch out for the bunker on the right side of your tee shot landing area & hazard that runs up the left side. The green is very tricky-so par is always an excellent score.
How To Play Hole 10
Straight or left center is great. The terrain will cause the ball to move from left to right. The second shot plays a little shorter going downhill. The green runs very quickly from front to back, so pay attention to your shots around the green.
How To Play Hole 11
#11 is one of the more picturesque holes on the property, particularly from the back tee. It features a very wide yet not so deep green. Distance can be difficult to judge as the wind seems to swirl on this tee-the best advice for this shot is to try and keep the ball flight lower.
How To Play Hole 12
This is a three shot par 5, so you don't have to hit driver. Placement is key off the tee. The left side of the hole is preferable as the woods on the right are very unforgiving. The fairway stops at about 110 yards, so that should be factored into your second shot. Players who go a little further may wind up in the pond in front of the green.
How To Play Hole 13
Hitting this fairway is most important on this hole. Play your tee ball up the right center, as there is a hazard that guards the left side. The second shot does play a bit shorter as the green sits below the fairway.
How To Play Hole 14
The shortest hole on the golf course. If the pin is out back, be careful not to get too aggressive. The margin of error shrinks as the pin moves towards the back of the green.
How To Play Hole 15
A challenging driving hole. You will need to be wary of a hazard that crosses the hole, as the fairway ends at 120 yards from the green. The double tiered green is a challenge to putt-make sure you leave your approach below the hole.
How To Play Hole 16
This hole sets up beautifully for the player who can move the ball from left to right. . If you choose to go for the green ib two, make sure you aim to the right side on your second shot. Balls that start too far left will wind up in the left greenside bunker which will not be an easy recovery.
How To Play Hole 17
#17 is a great test of golf. The tee ball should be played up the left or left center as the fairway slopes from left to right. The second shot plays downhill, be careful not to take too much club.
How To Play Hole 18
#18 is a great chance to close with a birdie. A tee shot to the right of the bunker will put you in good shape to attack the pin. There is a hazard that is short of the green that you should consider if you are approaching from a great distance.

18 Hole Score Card

Par 3 Score Card

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